First Off: I’ve been posting articles with writing samples to a new site located here…


My name is Samuel Tyler and welcome aboard!

The Amber Clad, in simple terms, is a site covering Gaming, Movies, Books, and other forms of media. We like to cover the weird topics here. This site will be dedicated to covering a whole host of different things. You really never know where things could go next.

Sometimes there might be one writer, sometimes it might be many. We want to tell the truth and the whole story and hopefully create a connection with the reader.

This is a big experiment, and it is my hope that this site will grow and produce great content enough to become a site you regularly like to visit. So expect many changes to occur.

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The Rules:

The terms of the site are quite simple.

  • Thoughtful discussion and criticism is encouraged, however. This site does not tolerate any harassment of any kind.
  • No hate speech of any kind will be tolerated. (Slurs, ability, orientation, gender, or any other groups.)
  • No Divisiveness. We suggest you leave the political discussions for another place.
  • No Spoilers. Don’t be that guy.


The Myth 

“The Amber Clad was a mythical ship that set sail in early human history to explore the far reaches of the mind and imagination.

Imagine A ship not bound to any laws of physics or nature. A vessel that could pass through fabrics of reality to go any where and any time. Now imagine if you could set foot on that ship at any moment. To come and go at will and never be too far away from stepping onboard.

The crew could be a hoard of sailors or even a single captain. Regardless, those on board are sworn to tell only truths as strange as they may be. Here we are dedicated to the turbulent nature of the world.”